Consignor Fee Calendar: *Consignor fee must be completed before deadline to receive indicated charge. ie: you cannot register in December and complete your registration in February and receive the early bird discount. SLOTS ARE LIMITED! We closed early last season, don’t miss out. 

You will not have access to online tagging until your registration is completed. Online tagging is a free service provided by Tar Heel Kids Consignment. Consignor fees are non-refundable. Consignor fees are used to help with rental and advertising fees. Consignor fees are paid each season to participate.

$8.00 Registration: November 19-21 @ 5PM EST

$10.00 Registration: November 21 - February 22, 2019

$12.00 Registration: February 23-25 @ 1PM

Sunday, February 25 @ 1:00PM or until we reach limit of registered and paid consignors. 

Online Tagging Deadline: Sunday, February 24 @ 1:00PM

Tar Heel Kids Consignment Spring/Summer Sale Drop Off Dates: 
Monday, February 25 /4PM-8:00PM  
Tuesday, February 26 / 10AM-6PM 

Tar Heel Kids Consignment Consignor Presale:  
Wednesday, February 27/ 6PM-9PM 

Tar Heel Kids Consignment Consignor 50% off select merchandise Presale:  
Friday, March 1 / 6:00PM-9PM

Tar Heel Kids Consignment Fall/Winter Sale Consignor Pick-Up: 
Sunday, March 3 6:00PM – 8:00PM 

Consignor #    03001-13000  Pick up 6:00PM - 7:00PM *items not picked up by 7PM will be donated

Consignor #   00100 - 03000   Pick up 7:00PM - 8:00PM *items not picked up by 8PM will be donated

Tar Heel Kids Consignment Spring/Summer Sale Unlock Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tar Heel Kids Consignment Spring/Summer Sale Check Mail Date: FRIDAY, March 8, 2019