Tar Heel Kids Consignment Vendor Opportunities

Whether your goal is to reach moms on a retail level, create brand awareness, test new products, or distribute information, Tar Heel Kids Consignment is the place to be!

Tar Heel Kids Consignment is growing to be the largest semi-annual children's consignment sale in the area. Tar Heel Kids Consignment is designed to provide moms with an outlet to recycle and buy children's items and contribute to charities in their community. Tar Heel Kids Consignment also provides vendors and sponsors with an outlet to present mom and child-related products and services through a variety of opportunities including grab bags, web page advertising, vendor booths and corporate sponsorship. 

Tar Heel Kids Consignment's advertising campaign includes Corporate Partnerships, Television, Newspaper Outlets, Flyer distribution, E-Newsletter to over 6,000 registered participants, social networking and area partnerships including distribution through Carolina Healthcare Systems. 

Choose from the many different sponsorship opportunities, or let Tar Heel Kids Consignment design a package that fits your business needs. Teresa Ross, our vendor coordinator will be happy to assist you in finding the right package for you! For more information, please contact Teresa at tesja22@hotmail.com

Vendor Options 

Tar Heel Kids Consignment offers vendor’s prime exhibition space during the sale! Tar Heel Kids Consignment limits only 8 vendors per sale. Tar Heel Kids Consignment offers one vendor per category and first right of refusal for the following sale. Vendors can sell merchandise, book hostess parties, prospect recruits and develop mailing lists. Vendor booth includes:

  • 8 foot table / 2 chairs (vendors can use additional tables or displays)
  • Vendors are free to decorate their space and are encouraged to create interactive booths to invite customers
  • Vendors may display during presale mania
  • Business logo, description, email link listed on Tar Heel Kids Consignment website

$125.00 per booth, vendors may rent more than one booth / 4 Presale Passes Vendor  
Shopping Presale:  4PM 

Charities We Support

Blanket America Ministries, Inc

Sharing the warmth of Jesus' love. 

Lou Stables
PO Box 472008
Charlotte, NC 28247-2008
Phone: 704-542-5533
Fax: 704-542-5534
email: lou@lstablescpa.com

Gate Pregnancy Center

"We wanted to thank you again for all the donations you allowed us to have the other week. We felt so blessed to have been apart of such a wonderful experience. If there is anything we can do to help next year please let us know and if it's at all possible we will do it. And of course we would love to be on the receiving end again in the Spring if at all possible, God Bless you, and again thank you so very very much for allowing us to get so many wonderful outfits for our clients and their babies. We can't wait to share them! "

~GATE Pregnancy Resource Center Jan Cranford Director


We love sponsoring community organizations.  All organizations need to have non profit status with documentation.  If you feel like Tar Heel Kids would be a good match with your organization, drop us a line.  

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