Everything You Need for Children & Teen

Tar Heel Kids Consignment Sale features children's clothing sizes infant through juniors, maternity, accessories, furniture, toys, strollers, high chairs, and more! For the latest information http://tarheelkidsconsignment.com 

Children’s Consignment Sales are a great way to take a HUGE bite out of your family’s budget.  Why do I love children’s consignment sales so much?  Well, I have been running my sale in Concord, North Carolina for almost 14 years, but the best reason is that I can basically recycle everything my children don’t need and buy everything they do need for more than 70% off retail! No black Friday, coupon sale can compare to an established children’s sale.

For shoppers that have never attended a sale, there are a few terms that you need to be aware of.  First, presale shopping.  What does this mean and how can I get a ticket?  Presale shopping is when you have early access to the sale.  All sales are different, but typically consignors and volunteers shop first and they may offer additional sales for first time moms, grandparents, teachers, and military families.  Be sure to check the sale’s website, trust me it will be spelled out.

Payment, again all sales are different, be sure to check to see what types of payments are offered before you go in without cash and that is all they accept.  Finally rules about trying on clothing items.  I know it is sometimes hard to predict the size that your child will be the next season, but understand that each item in that sale is  consignor and they all have a special number that is on the tag!  If you start trying on items, your neighbor will start trying on items, and then tags start flying and the consignor won’t get the proper credit for their items.  Here is look into the future for sizing:

Other quick tips:

  • Cut a string for the length of pants, shirts, and skirts
  • Draw a foot print to measure for shoes

After running a sale and shopping for four children, you have to have a shopping plan.  Here is a suggestion

  • Create a list of all the things that you need for the season shoes, pants, tops, dress, special occasion outfits, accessories, coats, jammies, etc.
  • Add sizes for all current items that you have shoes, pants, tops, dress, etc.
  • Create a list of items that you already have
  • Prize items (one thing that you are really looking for)
  • Make a list of games, puzzles, books, equipment that you are looking for

In addition to knowing what you need, you need to know how to shop one of these seasonal sales.  If you are attending an established sale, then odds are so will everyone you know.  So here are few recommendations to prepare for your trip:

You will need something to carry all of your goodies around.  I would recommend a laundry basket tied with a belt so you can put your items in the basket and drag it behind you.  I know this may sound crazy to some, and if you choose not to do it this season, well let’s just say you will have one next season.  If the basket is not your style, IKEA recycle bags are fabulous, but depending on how much shopping you do, it could get very heavy and cut off your arm’s circulation, hence the basket that you can drag.  I have also seen bags on wheels which are very useful as well.

Be sure to check with your sale’s rules.  Some sales do not allow strollers or small children during presale shopping.


Trust me when I say it is worth the effort to prepare and shop at seasonal children’s consignment sales.  I am not saying this just because I run a sale, I participated with a sale for four years before my sister and I started our sale in  Concord, NC.  I describe the sale as an opportunity for families to come together and everyone benefits.  Moms and Dads meet other parents, they recycle what they aren’t using and get what they need, friendships are formed and a community is helped.  Don’t think children consignment sales are only for little children, my sale offers junior’s clothing and maternity too.


Trust me, when you start shopping at seasonal sales, you’ll never go back!