How to Transfer Items Between Sales

Transferring Items from one season to another or from another sale:

  1. Log onto your account
  2. Click Manage Inventory from the top menu
  3. Move to Search Criteria Box and select your consignment from which you will be transferring items and click ITEMS NOT SOLD and click GENERATE ITEMS LIST
  4. Using your items as a guide look at the item number of the items that you want to transfer (this number will be found under the bar code, second number for example:  01153 – 32 – 2.00 – 0 (your item number is 32) you will check this item’s box
  5. Under the Items Transfer menu click select consignment and select the sale that you want to transfer your items to
  6. click transfer and follow prompts
  7. Please note, you will not have to reprint these items or retag these items; however ONLY transfer items that you will be bringing to the sale.  Depending on the number of items that you transfer this will only take a few minutes to transfer your items.  If you have any questions, please email