Consignor Pick-Up 

Pick-up Instructions 

Please note that Tar Heel Kids Consignment understands that emergencies happen on pick-up day; however, due to the number of consignors and tasks to be completed we are unable to accept phone calls or check email. All items that are not picked-up will be donated to one of our charities. If possible, a husband, friend or grandparent can pick up your items. Thank you for your understanding on this last important step of the sale.

Please note date and time of pick up! Pick up will be the Sunday evening at the end of the sale. 

You will receive an email during the sale with your pick up time. In order to better assist consignors with pick up, Tar Heel Kids will split consignors and ask the first 375 consignors to pick up from 6PM-7PM and the remaining consignors to pick up from 7PM-8PM. Again, please check your email for your scheduled pick up time. 

Once you have picked up your items, you will be directed to a table with a volunteer to collect any missorted items as well as your consignor number. 
Please be sure that check behind, beside, and beneath your pile. Additionally, please check the big ticket area. We may have left larger items in this area that would not fit at your consignor number. (bedding, tubs, playmats, diaper genies, etc.)

Please be sure to check the lost tag area for any items that may have lost their tags during the sale.
Once you pick up you may choose to donate some of your items.  Our charities are very thankful for your contributions.  Our donation area is in a separate section from our consignor pick up. 


Consignor checks will be mailed the Friday AFTER pick up.  To contact Tar Heel Kids Consignment, please email and we will be happy to assist you.