Mommy's Mart

Tar Heel Kids Consignment’s Mommy’s Mart is an opportunity for you to clean out your house too! Tar Heel Kids Consignment is looking for your shabby chic items including lamps, chairs, mirrors, decorative items and home furnishings.

Please note Tar Heel Kids Consignment is not responsible for items that are broken during the sale, please do not bring small breakable items, jewelry, or lotions.

Recommended items:

Holiday Decor, Bedding, Wall Hangings, Bathroom Organization, Home Office Supplies & Organization, Animal Supplies (MUST BE CLEAN), Handbags, Totes, Rugs (MUST BE CLEAN), Lamps, Shades, Furniture (MUST BE CLEAN), Kitchen Tools (MUST BE IN WORKING ORDER), and General Home Decor.

This season, there will be a 20 item limit per consignor for ANY Mommy’s Mart Items.  We will have staff at check-in to inspect your items, please be sure to check back for any declined items.