How to Become a Power Seller

With four children and running my own sale for over 14 years,  I have some great take aways to help you cash in this season and become a power seller.  

Tar Heel kids uses the latest technology including barcodes, scanning your items at the register and letting consignors see how much they are earning every day!  So what can you do to clean out and clean up this season?

First, you need to collect your materials.

  1. Wire Hangers
  2. Card Stock Paper
  3. Paper Cutter (if you sell a lot of items you will want a paper cutter to speed up tagging)
  4. Safety Pins ( I do not recommend a tagging gun, I understand that it speeds up the tagging process; however, your items get shopped and tags that have been attached with barbs tend to fall off)
  5. Masking Tape
  6. Address Labels
  7. Packing Tape
  8. Large, Gallon Size Zip Loc Bags
  9. XL Zip Loc Bags ( can be found at Walmart & Target)

I see consignors every season have a special box of supplies to tag last minute items, etc when they drop off their items.  Once you invest in your first sale, they will be resources that you will use every season.

A quick explanation of a few of my supplies:

  • Hangers – where to find them?  Sometimes, your local dry cleaner can be of help, or stop by stores such as Old Navy or Gap and ask for hangers at the end of the day.
  • Card Stock Paper – much more sturdy than flimsy copy paper and has a better chance of making it through the sale.
  • Masking Tape vs. Address Labels – for my sale, we ask consignors to list their consignor number, price and if the item is discounted.  This is the consignor’s insurance policy, so if a tag falls off, because we use an online tagging system, we can easily look up the item at our register, sell it, and give the consignor the proper credit.  Without it, well it is on the lost tag table at pick up to be claimed.  (can you remember the pants that went with that cute top?  me neither!)  Make sure to add your insurance policy.
  • Zip Loc bags are great for small pieces and for attaching your tag!

Obviously the more items you bring, the greater chance you have to sell your items.  So how can you cut down your tagging time?  By using the latest technology, you can quickly enter your items online, and transfer between seasons.

The second and biggest tip is Organization!  You must organize your items to enter them quickly, print, and tag.  Here is what I mean:

  • Organize your clothes by SIZE and Gender – so you should have a stack of boys size 2T or girls size 5T, etc.  I like to group sets together (short & pant sets), jammies, t-shirts, dresses, etc.  By using online tagging, or if you have to use a tagging template you have like sizes and items together. Next you can simply select the size, create a description “SHORT SET,”  Price, # of items you want to tag this way and you are done!  I have literally tagged 100 items in less than an hour.  

Part of the whole equation is pricing.  How do I price my items?  I have create a quick pricing reference HERE.  The old standby works too:  

“How much would you pay for it?”  

If you are pricing your items at new retail, then you are not ready to part with them and getting ready to invest a lot of time and energy for little return.  Moms know their brands and they know what a new Target shirt costs as well as a new Bailey Boys.  If it hurts too much to put a price, don’t sell it!  I have gotten to the place where I am posting rock bottom prices, even discounting because I don’t want to pick it up, I just want it out of the house and make my money back to pay for the current season!  That is the beauty of seasonal sales!  It truly is like you are “renting” what your children need each season!

Finally, presentation is key.  Tar Heel Kids has a very larger sorting area.  Moms run through the aisles and grab clothing items and before check out, take them to the sorting area.  Here is where they will go through each item, reinspect and decide whether or not they are going to buy.  Most sales go through an inspection process before putting out clothes and catch most stains, tears, etc, but how you present your items will create that “shopping experience.”  What I mean, would you rather buy a wrinkled t-shirt with crumpled shorts, or a nicely presented short set priced the same?  You are going to go for the nicely presented set.  I am a mom of four, so I am not recommending that you iron every piece, although we do have consignors that do that, just ask yourself, “Would I want to buy this set?”

Children’s consignment sales are a fantastic way to take a HUGE chunk out of your budget!  As a consignor, not only do you cash in and save, but you get extra privileges like shopping at your sale’s presales.  Presales are open to select participants before opening to the public.  Tar Heel Kids Consignment offers multiple presales including the first day of the sale, special First Time Mom, Grandparent, Teacher, Homeschool Family and Discount Day Presales!  Be sure to check out all the resources Tar Heel Kids offers to get the most out of this season!