100 Item or More Appointments

To register for a 100 item appointment, after you have created your user account, please click on Check In. You will see all the available appointments for this season. Click on your requested time and you will receive a confirmation. If you have any problems, please email hello@tarheelkidsconsignment.com.


Moms! Tar Heel Kids Consignment does not require that you schedule an appointment; however, we want to make sure that we can handle your check-in in a timely manner.  Due to the number of mommies who are really cleaning out their closetsTar Heel Kids Consignment will offer (4) 100 item appointments every 10 minutes throughout drop off.  Once these appointments have been taken, we WILL NOT be able to add any additional appointments. 

If you are UNABLE to schedule an appointment, don’t worry we will still be able to check your items in at drop off; however you will be asked to move through non-scheduled tables and may require more time to review your clothing items.

Tar Heel Kids Consignment is making this change to accommodate the growth in the number of consignors and offer an efficient drop off as possible.  Small children are welcome during drop off, but please note that consignors are responsible for place NON CLOTHING items out on the floor.  Please allow enough time to put your NON CLOTHING items out on the floor.  Tar Heel Kids Consignment volunteers will be unable to put out these items due to sorting and putting clothes on the racks.